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East Bay Express Best Bar, 2007

There is lots to like about the Albatross: the cozy, conversational environment, the stellar beer selection, the Sunday night pub quiz and occasional live music, the pool table and multliple dartboards, the recognition that sometimes man's best friend is his dog 9on leash and only before 8 p.m., please.) But most of all, you've gotta love the games. Good luck finding another pub that'll greet you with a checkered table for two or free rounds of Apples to Apples, Scrabble, or other favorites. Patrons with little in common might easily become friends over a game of Connect Four. And "The Bird" has one of the best beer lists in the area. Games and drinks can be complemented with all-you-can eat twenty five-cent pop corn or Little Chicago deep-dish feta and spinach pizza--even food from outside is ok. Berkeley's oldest pub is often considered it's best one and we would tend to agree.